Saturday, September 28, 2013

Shab-E-Arzoo Ka Aalam: Episode 23 (Last episode)

“Destination ke aage ya to bohat roshni ya phir andhera.  Is se aage, taqdeer ki aakhri hadh.”

Every once in a while, a drama comes along that is so subtle that it can be seen as “slow.”  What we fail to realize is how powerful the performances are and how powerful of a message that drama is presenting us with.  That Is the case with “Shab-E-Arzoo Ka Aalam.”  This show left such a powerful impact on me without me even realizing it.  The characters weren’t falsely idealistic or overly “vamp”-like.  These characters were human with human emotions and desires. 

 Episode 23 was the perfect “wrap up” episode, putting together all those loose threads efficiently without giving the feeling of being rushed.  Some relationships are so deep that when you see that person, you forget all your problems – that was the relationship between Dawood and Kiran, so it was nice to see that connection when they reunited.  Mohib Mirza and Armeena Khan did a great job portraying their characters, because I really did fall in love with Dawood and Kiran.  The supporting cast was great as well.  To say that I’m going to miss Shab-E-Arzoo Ka Alam would be an understatement:  I feel like these characters slowly, week after week, became a part of me.

I’d recommend this drama whole-heartedly.  Subtle, yet beautiful. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tuesday Terrors

This is just going to be a quick jotting of my thoughts from this week's Tuesday episodes, rather than a formal review.  Yes, I am generally a little late in my catch-ups - too much going on in life!  =)  Why Tuesday Terrors?  Because currently, my Tuesday shows are filled with evil, scheming, unbelievable characters that make you want to physically reach into your computer/TV screen and STRANGLE them!

Adhoori Aurat - Episode 23

Alright!  We've finally made some movement in this drama with this episode!  Big sigh of relief!

  • Maryam developed a backbone way too late in the game.  I enjoyed watching her glares towards Zayaan while blackmailing him into letting her keep their daughter.  It was almost downright hilarious to watch Zayaan's mother and sister snicker at Maryam until Zayaan turned into a helpless puppy right in front of their eyes and silently hand over the baby.  HILARIOUS.
  • Despite Faiza being a witch and a half, Afshah and Nusrat are still as evil as ever, continuously plotting.
  • The scene between Afshah and Maryam in the mall was infuriating.
  • Nusrat stealing the baby was disgusting.
  • I hope Zayaan, Faiza, Afshah and Nusrat all die in a fire at home.  Yes, I'm allowed to say that, because they're characters and not real people. 
  • Regarding the leap, I hope Maryam is older and WISER, as opposed to older and sentimental.  I won't be able to stomach any sort of weird reunions.
Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai
  • The lack of movement was OK for the first few episodes, but slowly, the drama is starting to feel a little tedious.  
  • The scenes with Narmeen in Arham's room and the scenes following were entertaining to watch, but how can Arham's father still think Arham is wrong when he saw the false accusations Narmeen made about Arham coming to her room and trying to kill her? 
  • Obviously, I think Arham's father is the worst character on the show.  No love or respect for his son, all based on a pathological liar.
  • Arham and Areeba = Love.  I love what a positive influence she is on him and I love how much she cares about him.  Most importantly, I love how much she TRUSTS him.
  • Shaiq is special.  Your wife is crazy, son.  Do something about it.
  • Narmeen is pure evil.  PURE EVIL!
  • And the most important point of this episode.  THE MOST important POINT!

  • Why is the middle-aged driver dressed like a gali ka chichora?  
  • That's all!
Qarz - Episode 13

  • The pictured scenario was too much to stomach.
  • Saaqib brings his Aiza home and says she's now a part of the family and everyone is to treat her right.  In the next scene, Tabinda moves her upstairs to the roof to stay in the store room?  WOW.  And Saaqib is so depressed and sad about it, but doesn't do a damn thing?
  • Saaqib needs to be a MAN.  Develop a backbone!  It's making me sick.
  • Aiza is being too meek.  Haris isn't gone forever - defend yourself.
  • Saaqib needs to stop giving out baseless threats:  "Main chala jaoonga aur phir main tumhe nahin miloonga."  Yeah right.  You can't even defend your sister to your wife, how are you going to LEAVE her?  Please.
  • Sufiyaan is there for "moral support," but that's all.  He didn't fight with Tabinda either when he found out Aiza was staying in the store.  Apparently this is a normal thing to do to relatives?
  • What the HELL was with the random creeper who threw Aiza that note?  Don't tell me Aiza is randomly going to fall in love with her letter friend.  Sufiyan for the win!
Alright!  That's all!  Now to catch up with Wednesday & Thursday's shows!  Happy watching!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Kahaani Ek Raat Ki: Lamha

Honestly, I had no clue what this show was (Kahaani Ek Raat Ki).  I was just in my "I'm obsessed with Affan and Aiza" state of mind and in that, I stumbled upon this gem of an episode!

The episode is approximately 38 minutes long.  The format of the show, from what I understand, is that each episode features a different story.  I watched the episode titled "Lamha," obviously starring Affan Waheed and Aiza Khan.  These two together are pure magic.  

The episode begins with Arbaaz (Affan Waheed) and Sabeen (Aiza Khan) at the airport in their old(er) age.  Each is waiting for a flight and they recognize each other.  We travel through the journey of their romance and where that romance led them the fateful night they last saw each other.

The episode tells a short story of love, self discovery, maturity and the realization of the value of relationships over the course of 38 minutes.   Arbaaz and Sabeen run away from home, ready to face the world for their love to get married - but over the course of one night, they realize what it takes to make a relationship and marriage work.  They realize that their love for one another is strong, but love doesn't always solve all problems.

The maturity with which Affan Waheed and Aiza Khan play their roles is commendable, both in their "old age" and as "young lovers."  Special mention to the college scenes, which were so adorably enacted by both that it made me laugh.  I can't squeal enough about these two and their chemistry in this is as great as ever!

I'd recommend this whole-heartedly!  It's a great cute and quick watch and is readily available on YouTube - link below!

Kahani Aik Raat Ki - Lamha

Happy watching!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Shab-E-Arzoo Ka Alam: Episode 22

I would call this less of a review, more of a super short mini-rant.

The drama is coming closer to its end with the next episode being the last (episode 23).  This has not been a short journey, especially since this is not a drama that is action-packed.  Rather, it's one that has beautiful dialogues woven into long, quiet scenes solely reliant on emotion and how those emotions are carried out - which almost made its run seem so much longer.  It's been a beautiful ride and I'm very sad that the episode next week is the last.

That said, I've had one "beef" with this show from the beginning and that feeling of anger/disbelief/horror is compounded each time I watch an episode.  What is that beef, you ask?

Shireen!  What an AWFUL character!  She's an awful person, an awful mother, an awful wife, an awful to-be mother-in-law.....everything about her is AWFUL.  She has single-handedly ruined the lives of her own children.....OK, given, their lives aren't ruined exactly, barring Dawood's.  But had she NOT been so scared of her husband, Dawood never would have become distant from the family in the first place.  Had she stood up for her children, they would've lived their lives without the fear of their father.  Had she actually had the sense to tell her husband that Dawood loved Kiran, she wouldn't have caused what ultimately resulted in her husband's heart attack and Dawood/Kiran's broken hearts.  I know she's supposed to be this sweet, timid, quiet mother......but really, for lack of a better word, she just SUCKS!!

That's all!  Off to catch up on Halki Si Khalish!  Happy watching!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Attack of Ahsan Khan

One one by, I kept adding more and more dramas to my "watch" list.  As I did this, I suddenly realized I was watching not one, not two, not three, but four Ahsan Khan dramas that were currently on-air.  This could have gone either way - either this could have backfired on Ahsan in the sense that people would get sick of him OR it could be a great display of his talent.

Fortunately for Ahsan, the latter has occurred.  I can't speak for others, because they may be sick of him, but for me personally, I am really impressed with him.  I've always been a fan of Ahsan Khan - maybe not overtly so, nor do I have a "crush" on him or anything, but I do regard him as one of the best actors on television currently.  This cluster of new dramas has just reinforced that belief.  He is not only playing the lead in all four dramas, but also playing different roles in each one.  Given, none of these roles involves being a druggie, a beggar, an abusive husband, etc.  But given that he's playing a "romantic" role in each, his characters do range from being a confused husband struggling to forget his past and love his wife, a man who has been maligned by his ex-lover, an employee in love with his the fiancee of his boss and a man who feels neglected by his fiancee and competes for her attention with a child.  He succeeds with all these roles.

As I caught up with this week's episodes of all of Ahsan's dramas this morning, this mini-review series is dedicated to his shows.

Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai - Episode 6

I find that there's very little to like about Ayesha Khan's character.  There have been "negative" characters in the past, such as Saman (Saba Qamar) in "Maat," that have been ridiculously evil, yet you couldn't wait to see what they would do next.  This is not the case with Ayesha Khan's "Narmeen."  She is actually so weird that I can't even psycho-analyze the character.  One second, she's happy with changing Arham and the next, she wants Shahid.  Then, though she's married to Shahid after accusing Arham of God-knows-what (since we're still in the dark), she continues to taunt Arham at every turn.....and isn't even happy with Shahid!  It's baffling.  That said, this show continues to be great due to Ahsan Khan's good acting, his great chemistry with Momal Sheikh and a good ensemble cast.  The highlight of episode 6, for me personally, was an adorable scene between the brothers, Ahsan Khan and Meekal Zulfiqar.  These two actually share good chemistry together as well and it was nice to watch.

Khoya Khoya Chand - Episode 6

I am confused about the direction in which this drama is heading.  If this drama is about Arib (Ahsan) & Bina's (Sohai) marriage and the ups and downs a newly married couple faces, then this drama will be great.  However, I am really wary of couple-switching and with the writing these days, one can never tell which way this is going to go.  While we were treated to a bunch of scenes between Arib and Beena in the last couple of episodes, this one featured very few.  Instead, I was bored senseless watching scenes between Beena and Ahmerin (Maya Ali) with Beena trying to persuade everyone willing to listen that Ahmerin can't possibly marry Farooq.  While I understand the point of view that she can't stand the thought of having to see him as her brother-in-law for the rest of her life, I would like for her to just butt out and focus on her own marriage.  Likewise, I was actually pleasantly surprised when Arib finally managed to have a mildly "unstupid" conversation with Ahmerin in the car during this episode.  Up until now, his stand-offish behavior was really driving me crazy.  This drama needs to find some focus though - I can't tell where it's going.  I love the Ahsan-Sohai pair though.

Meri Zindagi Hai Tu - Episode 1

My first thought?  I know Aijaz Aslam has gotten older, but he's playing Maya Ali's father?  My heart just isn't ready for this.  He doesn't seem that old to me.  Other than that, I am LOVING that Aiza Khan and Ahsan Khan are working together, because they just look SO good together.  However, I am HATING that Aiza is playing this "Haan ji, haan ji" type of role and barely said anything throughout the episode.  I am also hating that Ahsan and Aiza are playing these characters that like each other despite barely speaking to each other.  I was hoping for a more modern, connected love story.  *sigh*  I am still confused as to the role Maya Ali plays in all of this.  How long can a kid complain about stomach aches to ruin her aunt's engagement?  And how long will Aiza's brother and sister-in-law put up with her tantrums, considering they're already catching on to her attachment problems in episode 1 - and she hasn't even grown up yet!  Anyways, I'm NOT horribly impressed with the first episode, but I can't always judge a drama based on the first episode.  We'll have to wait and watch.  =)

Kabhi Kabhi - Episode 2

I am really loving the natural progression of the story in this drama.  There are a lot of over-the-top characters, especially the character of Rehbar (Ally Khan) and Javed Sheikh's father role.  That said, there are also some great characters who seem very well-written and natural, namely the leads.  Ishaal (Mehwish Hayat) is a head-strong girl who has been living abroad, but she's not so removed from culture that she isn't relatable.  I find myself connecting with her in many scenes, especially since she reacts to things the way a "normal" girl would.  Arez (Ahsan Khan) is this sweet, nice, average guy who is friendly with Ishaal, yet not overly so for it to be seen negatively.  Their friendship isn't forced on the audience, but is instead very natural.  The progression of their relationship feels like the sort of connection that would happen between people in real life.  That's the winning point of this drama.  Ahsan & Mehwish have always had great chemistry, but with the development of their characters, it's really shining in this drama.  The happenings don't feel forced.  If this show continues going this way, I will be hooked throughout!

Happy watching!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Kankar: A Hot Debating Point?

Disclaimer:  The following blog states my views and my views alone.  Others may have different opinions and that's fine.  Everyone has a right to their own belief.  These are mine.

When Kankar first began, the show was criticized for being too "Daam"-esqu.  No one quite knew what to expect, other than a disapproving mother-in-law in Kiran's near future.  No one expected this Fahad Mustafa-Sanam Baloch drama to not only be the current hot-favorite, but also be the source of an explosive discussion among Pakistani drama fans.

For those who haven't been watching, let's recap:  Kiran (Sanam Baloch) comes from a less-than-well-off background, while Sikandar comes from a wealthy family.  He meets Kiran through his about-to-be fiancee, Arzoo and decides that he would much rather marry Kiran.  He is met with all sorts of opposition, including from Kiran herself, but does everything in his power to get his way.  Finally, the two marry and Sikandar is the perfect husband who spoils his wife and does everything he can to please her.....initially.

When their problems first showed up on the screen, I did, like many others, believe that Kiran was at fault.  When she went to her mother's home without asking her husband, I was confused as to why she didn't expect that reaction from Sikandar.  We do come from a society in which a woman is expected to, at the least, inform her spouse of where she is going.  Despite that, Sikandar discussed the situation with her, told her that in the future, she should ask him before leaving and that was it.  He asked her to apologize and drop it.  I thought he was being pretty reasonable.  When Kiran continued to be stubborn and rude regarding Sikandar's reaction, I thought "Wow, she is making a mountain out of a molehill."

Up to this point, I think most fans of the drama were on the same page regarding Kiran's immaturity.  Then the situation (in the drama) took a a slightly different course in the form of:  A SLAP.

This is where I believe the split in views occurred.  Is a slap abuse?  Some different views that I have seen on different social media sites:

 It's her fault, because she pushed him.  :  He's a nice person and he loves Kiran a lot - he was just mad, so she should forgive him. :  Taali ek haath se nahin bajti. :  Us ne Kiran ke saath acha nahin kiya, lekin Kiran ke bhi mistakes hain kuch.  :  She should not have argued with him.

What a coward!  How dare he hit Kiran!  :  Kiran was being illogical, but he didn't have the right to hit her.  :  Ek laath maarni chahiye!

At what point does anger turn into abuse?  I think that's the issue Pakistani society has with this drama.  Some believe Kiran's immaturity and "big mouth" was the bigger issue and hence, she "deserved" it.  While others like myself believe that this is the limit and a woman should not subject herself to that sort of abuse.  "It's just a slap."  - Is a slap not considered abuse?

This is all getting into a very tricky subject, but the point is that this show has triggered a lot of debate.  The best thing is that Umera Ahmed has written her characters so well that you can identify with both sides.

Yes, some people have their opinions about Sikandar (myself included), but look at his background - his father abused his mother and that's what he's seen his entire life.  We are given glimpses of Sikandar's thoughts when alone - he fights with his inner self and doesn't understand if what he's doing is right or wrong.  He's encouraged by his friends to keep his wife under his thumb.  He has a mother who has been the victim of abuse and has accepted it as "normal," so she fills his ears against his wife.
On the other end, you have Kiran who was the apple of her father's eye.  She came from a less than wealthy family, but always had high dreams, had well-off friends, aspired for something more.  She dreamed of a life of luxury and drove her family crazy with her constant wants.  She seemed spoiled - but is she a bad person?  Immature maybe and we see that immaturity in her fights with Sikandar.  If Sikandar can't control his anger and hand, Kiran is also unable to control her mouth.  It's these complex characters that make this drama so intriguing.

My own opinion:  The drama at this point is really interesting and I'm always waiting for the next to see what happens.  I think the character of Sikandar is a messed up person who needs psychological help, because he's struggling internally with himself.  I think for Kiran to go back to him would be foolish.  He did, after all, "kill" their child.  That said, let's wait and see!

Happy watching!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sari Bhool Humari Thi - Episode 9 & 10

I have to say, I do love that I get a double-dose of this drama each week (it airs on both Wednesday & Thursday).  The episodes this week served their purpose to move the story forward.  

In episode 9, Nabila is shown as being upset with Fatima for wearing Areesha's jewelry.  Her belief is that by supporting the crime, one is part of the crime.  Fatima feels the burden of her mother's actions and tells Areesha that she has wronged her by stealing the jewelry, as she feels unaccepted in her new home.  It's actually an unfortunate circumstance, since Fatima really did try to argue with her mother and wasn't comfortable wearing Areesha's jewelry in the first place!

On the other end, the family is gathered at the hospital with Adila.  Adila had a heart-to-heart with Areesha, where she tries to explain to her the wrong-doings of Tai Ami and her family after Areesha's father passed away.  However, before she was able to tell Areesha the entire story, her condition worsened and Areesha had to leave the room.  Adila had Nabila promise that she would take care of her daughter and help her in making the right choices in life.

Throughout this process, Subhan was there to console Areesha emotionally - that said, we see Abrar as playing the role of responsible son to Adila, taking care of her condition and explaining the situation to Areesha.  Unfortunately, Adila was not able to survive the heart attack and passed away, which now left Areesha alone.  Of course, Tai Ami was only too happy to take Areesha in, being the greedy woman she is.

Nabila comes over to console Areesha, while gently chiding her for her role in her mother's death.  She urges Areesha to grow up and fulfill her mothers dreams for her.  Upon hearing this, Tai Ami worries that Nabila may get through to Areesha, so she storms into the room to break up the conversation.  Up until this episode, I did not realize that Taaya Jaan was also involved in the greed and I felt that he genuinely cared for his sister and her daughter.  Well, I was proved wrong!  This entire family is swimming in a pool of greed!

Moving into episode 10, we're shown a continuation of the last scene.  Tai Jaan asks Nabila to stop taunting "her bachi" and begins consoling Areesha in her usual fake manner.  We're then shown that a slight passage of time has occurred (a couple of weeks, possibly?).  Areesha is still (obviously) in depression over the death of her mother.  Subhan meets Areesha on the roof and asks her to stop moping, because he thinks she's doing it on purpose to make the entire family feel guilty for their part in her mother's death.  Areesha is astounded at hearing this and tells Subhan that she will do her best to move on with her life.  Watching this scene, I felt sick to my stomach.  Areesha is so blinded by Subhan's love that she can't see how unfair his request was.

We then see Tai Jaan giving Fatima some spectacular advice about how Fatima should stop praising her "horrible" mother-in-law and how Fatima should get Mohsin under her control.....because having a kind and loving husband just isn't enough!  I don't know how long Fatima's good nature will last under her mother's bad advice and negative influence.  While I wish I could say these women are unbelievable, unfortunately I see a lot of reality in this scenario.

The next morning, Areesha is getting dressed for school.  Mariam asks her if she's ready and Areesha replies that she needs to start living her life again.  Hearing this, Mariam is happy and they leave for school together.  Areesha meets Abrar on her way out and he seems pleased to see her moving on with her life.  He tells her that he wishes her well and has her best interests at heart.  Like her mother, he says he also thinks she's very innocent and should be weary of the people around her.  Areesha replies that these people he speaks of are her own and they will take care of her.  She also tells him that she has chosen to move on in her life only because of Subhan.  

We're then treated to an awkward conversation between Nabila, Mohsin and Fatima.  Nabila urges Mohsin and Fatima to go on their honeymoon.  Mohsin suggests that Nabila come along with them, but Nabila chides him, saying she would rather not be a "kabaab mein haddi."  Nabila is actually a fabulous mother in law.  Given, she had been rather distant with Fatima after the incident with the jewelry and Adila, but she seems to be working hard to correct those mistakes.  That said, Fatima's behavior in this scene was really awkward - almost painful to watch.  She sits there quietly and barely answers any of Nabila or Mohsin's questions.

Taaya and Tai have an incredulous conversation with Areesha over her mother's house, furniture and property.  It's amazing how brainwashed Areesha truly is by this family's fake sweetness, because it was painfully obvious how slimy this duo is in this particular scene.  They reassure Areesha that her mother's belonging will be well taken care of (which of course translates to "well taken over").  

A strange scene ensues when Fatima and Mohsin come back from their honeymoon.  Mohsin innocently picked up earrings for Areesha without Fatima's knowledge.  The awkwardness when he gifts them to Areesha is a scene to watch.....or rather, a scene not to watch.  Fatima is slowly becoming a train wreck of awkwardness and insecurity and I can't figure out why she's doing that to herself.  A once sweet, understanding and sensible girl is turning into....her mother?  I hope not.

Subhan and Areesha have their nightly meetings on the roof.  On this particular night, Abrar stumbles across them and is not pleased.  Because of course, Abrar is the only logical person in the house concerned for Areesha's "izzat" and reputation.  He silently leaves the scene.  However, the following day while giving tutions at a student's home, he bumps into Subhan.  It turns out his girlfriend is Abrar's student's sister.  Girlfriend?  Surprise!  Subhan informs Abrar that he has fantastic plans to marry this girl, as she's the only daughter of a rich man.  Is Abrar shocked?  Naaa.  He spotted this skunk a mile away.  

More awkwardness of Fatima eavesdropping on conversations between Nabila and Mohsin.  This is getting super ridiculous now, it's almost hard to take that girl seriously.  Snap out of it!

We're also treated to a random scene with Mariam and her older sister Bano fighting, because Bano wants Mariam to marry her "devar."  Apparently Mariam thinks this is a crime and Bano thinks turning down the rishta is a crime.  Fight.  Random.  Who cares?

Areesha sees that Abrar is not well, so she takes up chai for him.  Abrar calmly asks her to not do this again, to which Areesha gets upset.  Abrar explains that people will talk if they see her in his room at night and he cares about her reputation.  It was a really sweet scene.  Areesha cops an attitude (of course) and declares that she's going to the roof to meet Subhan.  Abrar tells Areesha that it's not good for her to go up there and he cares about her izzat.  Areesha asks him why he's acting like her father - and the episode ends.

Overall, I am really happy with the way this show is shaping up.  Each episode has significance and so far, there have not been any "filler" episodes.  The story is making progress, but more importantly, the relationships are progressing.  Subhan is showing his sliminess slowly, Abrar is showing his humanity and caring side (soon enough, love?), Areesha is showing more maturity....So far, I'm pleased!

If you aren't already watching this, you're missing out!  :)  Happy watching!

An Overload of New Dramas

I'm not going to discuss any of the dramas I was previously watching.  Don't get me wrong - I'm still watching them.  My list of dramas that I'm watching has peaked at an outstanding 17 dramas at this point in time.  I'm feeling really overwhelmed and praying that some of my older ones die their natural death sooner than later.

That said, I'm only discussing the new batch of dramas today.  The discussion for shows like Kankar, Shab-E-Arzoo Ka Aalam, Adhoori Aurat, Halki Si Khalish, Kadurat, Aunn Zara, Qarz and Yeh Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakti will have to wait for another day.  :)

So let's get started!  To make it easier, I am listing the dramas in order of preference this time and have arranged the images in that same order.  I also have to discuss that though I love him, I am on Ahsan Khan overload these days.  4 dramas with the same actor....that must be some sort of record.

Saari Bhool Humaari Thi
I love this show.  I love that Aiza Khan is playing a light-hearted, spoiled character with a personality.  I love that Danish Taimur and Affan Waheed, two actors that I love, are both in this drama.   I love that Affan’s “Abrar” is such a great character.  Affan’s roles are always so lovable…either that or he just plays them so well.  Danish’s character is pretty sleezy and is different from what he usually plays. I have to give special mention to the dialogue writer.  Loved this dialogue between Aiza & Danish’s characters:  “Yeh gulabi rang tum pe bohat acha lag raha hai. “ – “Yeh gulabi rang hai?” – “Haan, to aur kya hai?” – “Peach hai, color blind!”  Loved it.   And I love the nok-jhok between Aiza & Affan’s characters.  It's so endearing.  Both guys play interesting characters.  Farhan Ali Agha also deserves special mention for being so darn sweet in this drama as Mohsin!  I’m really looking forward to seeing how this story progresses!  My favorite out of all 17 shows I’m watching (this number is REALLY shameful……)

Kabhi Kabhi:
“Yes Boss” in TV form?  One episode in, but I really like this show so far.  I feel like I relate to the character of “Ishaal” in a way, especially on her reaction to being called a “misfit.”  I’m enjoying it so far.  Her character is a little OTT, but it’s OK.  Ahsan Khan’s character is very likable.  I’m looking forward to watching this one every week.


This drama is so great, because you just can’t wait to see what kind of havoc Aaliya creates in Raheel & Nida’s lives.  Now that the past story has finally come to an end and we’re actually seeing where the storyline is headed, I am hooked.  It also has to be said that while I try to stop myself from those thoughts for “Farishtay’s sake,” I think Raheel & Nida’s family life is adorable.  
This story is fascinating in so many ways, but mostly because it’s set in realism.  There’s no black and white.  It’s all grey.  In Aaliya’s mind, Raheel is this piece of scum and Nida is that as well, by association.  In her mind, he ruined her entire life/family.  In Raheel’s mind, he left a girl who was a cheat.  Given, it was wrong that he didn’t trust her, but in his mind, she was a cheat.  Now he’s living a happy life as a great husband and father…..and here comes the past to bite him – though in his mind, he did what was “right.”  It’s really interesting to see this story come together and only 6 episodes have passed.  I’m hooked!

Khoya Khoya Chand
It’s nice and breezy, though the storyline has started so early on, I’m almost scared about what twists and turns the writing will take.  I hope the drama carries on with the fighting emotions of Ahsan and Sohai, trying to forget their past and trying to move on with each other.  That would be a pleasure to watch all the way through.  But if they put divorce, cheating, slimy twists in this like many dramas do, I think I will be thoroughly disgusted.  It depends on how the storyline goes from here that will determine my like or dislike of the show.  I am not a fan of Maya Khan and that hasn’t changed here.  But Sohai and Ahsan are doing a great job, which is keeping me interested.  The only flaw:  Why is Ahsan’s character acting like some sort of crazy affair has happened between him and Maya that he needs to avoid her?  Just move on, man!  Haha.  But I like this one so far.  It’s interesting and storyline-based while still being light.

Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai
It’s almost as if I’m watching Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishaan all over again with the gender roles reversed.  The title song also gives me a feeling of déjà vu in relation to the MZZEB OST.  That said, I am loving that Ahsan is playing something a little different from his usual roles.  Ayesha Khan is doing a good job as a grey character (if not completely black).  I’m a little confused to see Mekaal here, because so far, this role doesn’t have much to offer for him.  Momal Sheikh is doing a good job  and I really love her chemistry with Ahsan here – though we’ve seen them as brother-sister in Mirat-Ul-Uroos.  Haha.  This is a good watch so far.  I’m interested.

I am a Fawad Khan loyalist and have been since before his fan following started and he began acting.  I’ve been a hardcore E.P. fan since 2003.  That said, I watch everything Fawad stars in….regardless of whether it’s good or not. 

I wouldn’t say “Numm” is bad.  It’s just something that has been tried and tested before in many other dramas, the most notable of which was “Noor Bano” in recent times.  It also has a psychedelic, ghost-house feel to it at times, which makes you wonder if you’re watching a drama or a horror show.  It doesn’t help that the main characters in Numm are not likable, whether it be arrogant Wali (Fawad), timid and boring Mahjabeen (Sania) or the over-the-top rebel bordering nutcase Neelum (Kanza).  Fawad is playing arrogance well.  Sania is really bringing out the pity in the audience – I feel horrible for her.   It has to be said that Kanza is a bad actress – I wonder why Pakistani drama directors feel that in order to portray a girl as an “innocent rebel,” she has to be a loud, obnoxious CHILD?  She even speaks as though she’s “thotli.”  The synopsis calls her a rebel – I feel like she’s playing a mentally handicapped character.  The only one of her scenes that made me crack a smile was when Wali (Fawad) says to Neelum (Kanza) “Araam se baat karo, mujhe awaaz aa rahi hai” when they were on the bus.  I feel like a lot has happened in four episodes and am interested in which direction the storyline will go (since there are at least 15 episodes left).  I wouldn’t recommend this one, but I wouldn’t NOT recommend it either, simply because I’m on the fence.

Mere Humrahi
Straight away, I have to make my bias clear:  I can't stand Sonya Hussain.  I don't think much of her as an actress or as a looker, so I dread watching her in a drama with my favorites.  Alas, Shehzad Sheikh and Fahad Mustafa are favorites, so I am forcing myself through this one.  The storyline is good.  I absolutely cannot knock this drama in that department.  Now that Aahad has made his re-appearance, the show is getting even more captivating.  Fahad and Shehzad have both done great jobs.  This is good.  I just can't bring myself to enjoy it due to my less-than-positive feelings towards the lead actress.

Ek Kasak Reh Gayi:
What I'm about to say doesn't happen very often, especially not when the drama in question features a great ensemble cast.  However, it must be said:  I am considering dropping this drama.  I love Sanam Saeed, I love Mekaal, I love Javed Sheikh.....but there is something surprisingly boring about this drama.  It has a "been there, seen that" feel to it.  Sanam's character's home situation, once again, resembles her home situation in Zindagi Gulzar Hai (except replace absent, arrogant father with overbearing, maulvi Chacha).  Mekaal is playing his usual "I'm rich and snooty, these poor people are beneath me" role that we know he can perform in his sleep.  If anything, the only thing that would keep me watching is my interest in Mekaal & Sanam's scenes together.  The drama also boasts of a beautiful OST.  Let's see.

Meri Zindagi Hai Tu:
Listed last, but definitely not the least, we have Meri Zindagi Hai Tu.  If you're someone who keeps on top of their dramas, you're thinking "Um, sweetheart, this hasn't aired yet."  You're right.  ;)  I did have to list it though, because it's already found itself a place on my schedule of new shows.  This airs this coming Friday (September 20th) and has all the makings of a hit drama.  Ahsan Khan, Aiza Khan and Maya Ali are the actors, based on a Faiza Iftikhar novel and produced by AnB Productions, it would be disappointing if this drama ends up being anything short of sheer entertainment.  Keeping my fingers crossed!

Alright, that's all for this time!  Happy watching!


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