Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dramas I'm Currently Watching: December 2015 Edition

Straight off, I'll say that my list of dramas currently stands at an all- time low of 9 dramas - only 3 of which I watch with anticipation each week.  So while the drama scene is still in a slump, it's seeing huge improvement in that I'm watching 9 shows that are all very different from each other and are interesting.

Gone are the days when I continued to watch shows that I started just because I had to see them through to the end. I've given up on duds like Tumhare Siva, Maan and Tumhari Natasha. I can't waste my time anymore, so if shows annoy me, I'm finished.  So let's get started on the 9 shows I believe to be worthy of your time (to some extent).

Gul E Rana

What a prize.  It has been a long time since I've cursed under my breath at the end of an episode of a show and then spent the next 6 days waiting for the next episode to air.  Gul e Rana has transformed two otherwise decent actors (Sajal Ali and Feroze Khan) into a dream couple in a storybook romance. Their chemistry, unlike most real life couples, consists of real spark and intensity. The character of Adeel is so interestingly written, especially since he plays the hero with traits of a complete anti-hero. He's a jerk, but since we know he's going to turn a new leaf for Rana, I honestly can't wait to see how the story progresses. I have nothing but praise for this show. The entire team deserves applause, at least so far. Highly recommended and to say I'm obsessed with this show would be an understatement.

Yeh Mera Deewanapan

What makes this story interesting is the brilliant characterization of Jahangir. Every move he makes has a motive and now at episode 36, we're seeing that motive diminished and Jahangir trying to work his way back to normalcy. 

Despite my hatred for Dusri Biwi storylines, this show is fresh and gives an entirely new twist on that story. At the end of the day, can a second older wife comfortably settle into her place with respect and compete with a younger wife? Whether it be Meena or Mehtab, you wish and want the best for both girls because of how well their characters are written.

I have to mention that in recent episodes, the chemistry between Junaid Khan and Anoushay Abbasi is great!  I started off loving this show and it hasn't let me down yet. 

Mere Ajnabi

What started as a story of one-sided unconditional love and blind trust is slowly morphing into something else- and I don't like the current direction the story is heading in.

That being said, Mere Ajnabi has been an enjoyable viewing experience up until now.  The story is cute despite the family drama, which is depicted in a way that doesn't grate on the nerves. However, Mohid's current attitude is turning me off and Hareem's inability to say "I don't like Ayaan, why would I lie?" Is exasperating. Let's be realistic please....Mohid is legitimately the world's most irritating, self-absorbed, arrogant character at the show's current juncture.


It's hard to put my feelings about this show into words. What could've been a sensitively presented drama about rape victim turmoil is instead a blame-the-victim story, which is bad writing in that Adnan was presented as a great guy....but as soon as he found out the truth, he didn't waste a second to play the blame game and make it all about himself.

The interesting part of the show is Zahid Ahmed's portrayal of the rapist, a character that's refreshingly repentant. He's not a horrible human being, but rather made a horrible choice. The show's interest lies in my desire to see the outcome of these three main characters.


The story for Guzaarish is ghissi-pitti, predictable and Aly Khan plays his usual sarial, egotistical character, leaving you to wonder if he knows how to do anything else.  What does this drama have going for it? An otherwise amazing cast with natural acting talent....and let the bias come out a bit, it has Affan Waheed, which makes it a must watch for me.

Otherwise, I'm just hanging in there, waiting for this story to become interesting.


Aitraaz has such a great cast and an interesting storyline. Yet somehow it's gone wrong on some level. It's a good show and the performances are great, as is the chemistry between Sana and Imran. But the show has this shadow of being dull. There's a lot of repetition and scenarios that are simply unnecessary.  

Why do Komal and Wajdaan insist on lying and meeting up when their spouses don't approve? Why is Komal still with a shakki, inferior and insecure man like Arsalan? It doesn't make sense. Why is Wajdaan with his wife? At all? It doesn't make sense!

Anyway, I continue watching for the great cast and good performances, but I do hope the show picks up soon...


This show has some genuine inconsistencies that bug the hell out of me (if you're so poor, maybe Fariha should sell that diamond ring the size of a mountain on her finger....pretty sure they could pay rent for 6 months with that thing). The ego Azlan has is ridiculous, considering his current situation. The pace of this show is horrendous. And last, but not least, Fariha is an idiot for hiding her bimaari (hiding a tumor? Seriously?).  That being said, the show has a saving grade and its Faisal's acting.

I'm assuming Fariha's odds aren't looking good, which will pave the way for a good let's get on with it please....

Preet Na Kariyo Koi

Let's keep this short & sweet. As it stands, this drama is full of annoying characters with no principles or values (namely Goshi), but aren't even intelligent enough to be likable as negative characters. I'll say that where the last episode ended - this drama can either take a twist that will make it an epic, memorable show OR it will continue on a path as boring as can be and I'll stop watching.  Which way it goes will remain to be seen in a few weeks! It's nice to see Ahsan Khan in a different role after a long time though. Hira Salman is a decent actress, but very harsh on the eyes, making it hard to digest her as a lead.


Samina Peerzada - that's the only reason to watch this show. With two mediocre actresses, the love stories are not interesting and the show is full of jhig jhig Karnay waale characters. The episodes are best viewed in fast forward motion. However, the story is interesting enough to keep me watching - for now.

Tere Mere Beech

I don't know why I'm continuing to watch this show. The characters are all so annoying in different ways. They're either too loud (Hareem), too docile (Nadia/Sadia), too judgmental (Ami - which is ironic with the disservice she did towards Hareem).....TOO EVERYTHING. But somehow, the story keeps pulling me in. I just have to know what happens. Not highly recommended, but amongst over the top characters, the show is interesting.

I'm currently on the fence about Maana Ka Gharaana - I haven't discarded it, but haven't actively been watching it either, so it's currently in the "neither here nor there" category.  I love all the actors involved, but haven't been able to get on board with it just yet.

So that's that!  As of now, these are the shows I'm watching.  I'm also really looking forward to Hamza Abbasi and Maya Ali's upcoming "Dil-E-Jaanam"/"Mann Mayal" (Whatever it'll end up being called eventually) on Hum TV.  It looks like it'll be the next big thing.

My next post should be my annual "Best dramas of 2015" post, so watch for it!  Until then, happy watching!