Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kabhi Kabhi: HALLELUJAH!

Yes!  THE END!  This terrible, torturous, no good drama with super unlikable characters has finally ENDED.

There is little I want to say about this drama, because honestly, I want to forget it ever existed.  Yet, here I am.

This drama started off beautifully.  I was really excited about it, really loved Ahsan & Mehwish's chemistry (as always), loved how their love story was so natural and progressed realistically.  When I look back, I honestly can't believe this drama went so wrong.  How did it go so wrong?

Wait.  That's right.  Sunny.  Faris Shafi.  Don't get me wrong - I like Faris Shafi.  He's been amazing in some dramas, namely Man Jali, which I absolutely loved and loved him in.  I won't lie - It doesn't help that "Muskura" released recently and has made me doubt Faris' sanity.  If you've missed out on that gem, go ahead and google it.

However, this role was not only written poorly, Faris was also poorly cast in a role that was too suave, sophisticated, angsty and confused for him to portray convincingly.  I assume that's what we were supposed to take away from that role, but I didn't feel any of that.  I just felt like he was a weird, confused, messed up guy.  I'm not sure what on earth Ishaal (Mehwish) saw in him.  I also don't understand why she defended him.  She claims that she troubled him a lot, but from the perspective of the audience, we saw him treat her with suspicion and stop her from meeting her family from the first day of their marriage.  We were either missing something or the writers were confused.

Let's come back to Araiz.  Why was he suddenly so against Ishaal once he realized she was not in the right frame of mind?  Alright, their son was neglected and raised to be batameez.  That's a good reason.  But he was almost heartless towards her condition.

And wait.  Let's take a moment to go back - WHY was their son raised to be so batameez?  I STILL don't understand why Ishaal was on those sleeping pills, why she was always going to parties and completely IGNORING her son?  Was there any excuse?  No?  Then why was she so dismayed when Araiz took Ali away from her?  Of course he would!

The emotions in this drama were just all over the place!  Araiz never apologized to Ishaal for believing his family over her.  Ishaal never apologized for being a total jerk to Araiz.  Ishaal and Araiz never discussed that all their misunderstandings were just that - misunderstandings, created by her father.

Why did her father randomly pick up and start building schools for children?  What made him stop meddling?  Why did he suddenly begin to approve of Araiz?

Why was Rehbar suddenly so good to his wife?  Why was he suddenly so critical of Araiz?  Why did he consistently stop Araiz from trying to speak to and reconcile with Ishaal?

HONESTLY, this show did not make sense in ANY way, shape or form.  None of it.

A HAPPY ENDING.  How does that even happen?  Soni is still in that house!  Given, Amma is now on Ishaal's side, but her evil daughter is still there to steal, gossip and make trouble.  Where was the discussion on how SHE was 75% responsible for everything bad in Araiz and Ishaal's life?

I don't know.  There are some dramas that lose the picture so badly that you don't care about them anymore.  This drama fell into that category.  I was eagerly awaiting the day when I could just stop watching it.  And that day has finally come.


Happy watching!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 2014 - Dramas I'm Currently Watching

And it's time for the March 2014 edition of dramas I'm currently watching.

The last few months have been hectic with my starting a new job and having very little free time.  But somehow, I finally did manage to catch up on all these dramas - some are great and some are the nightmare that won't stop recurring.  Let's discuss!

Pyaray Afzal – This show is, by far, the best thing on television at the moment.  Afzal has finally taken a huge step and left Hyderabad.  We also witnessed Sohai Ali Abro’s entry (I didn’t even realize she was in the drama).  I have to say, there's nothing better about this drama than the character of Molvi SubhanAllah.  What an endearing, lovable man with a great relationship with his entire family, from his loving nature with his wife and daughter and his fear of losing his son.  I just LOVE it.

Ru Ba Ru – Sometimes you have zero expectations from a show and it ends up being one of the more interesting ones.  Ru Ba Ru falls in that category.  When the show first began, I thought “Who the hell wants to see Adnan and Saira in a drama together again after that terrible Darmiyaan?”  Faizan Khawaja was my only pull to invest time into this show.  I’m so glad I did, because this show depicts how a very messed up “love” situation can completely overturn a child’s life and his mental psyche.  And while the underlying story is about so much more, we’re also treated to a cute, gradual love story between Sarmad (Faizan Khawaja) and Shabi (Syra Yousuf).   On the other end, we’re at present seeing how a seemingly ideal relationship and love marriage can turn so rotten with Tipu and Kiran.  While we’ve seen what “shakk” can do in other dramas (namely Shakk), here we witness the most natural kind of insecurity turn nasty.  We’re only at episode 12, so at this point, I have no idea what turn the story will now take.  Whatever it is, I’m sure it will continue to keep the audience on the edge of their seat!

Mohabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai – With the loss of Nabeel, Rumaisa’s life has spun more or less out of control.  It’s painful to see how her circumstances went from bad to great and now back to terrible.  The family dynamic in Nabeel’s home is at an all-time low and is pretty much disgustingly dysfunctional.  One has to wonder how long it will be before Nabeel’s family finds out about Hassan sending a rishta (SICK) – and more importantly, how long it will be before Zeeshan takes It upon himself to marry Rumaisa?  J  This is one show that, so far, has not lost the plot.  I’ve been hooked from start to present.  Let’s hope it continues at this pace!  I am desperately missing Nabeel though.  Mekaal did a great job.

Do Qadam Door Thay – When this show first started, I couldn’t understand Sami Khan’s character, nor did I LIKE him.  On the other hand, Aiza Khan was so meek at first, it was irritating.  Then the story progressed and I was hooked.  Then we hit that huge, long batch of Darul Aman episodes.  The show got incredibly boring.  But then we moved on – and NOW this show is, at present, super cute and really lovable!  I look forward to seeing Zob and Nayab’s interactions in each episode and love Aiza & Sami’s chemistry.  If you can get over that rough patch of Darul Aman episodes, this show is completely worth it.  At present, I’m obsessed with this one.

Shukk – I’m trying to continue loving this show.  I really am.  But somewhere along the line, it’s gotten completely lost on where it wants to go.  I’m completely anti-Sehrish at this point.  As a married woman, I completely get Ehtesham’s point of view that he cannot live with a person who did so much “shukk” on him that she has completely stopped trusting him.  Sehrish ruined her own home, but even worse, she ruined someone else’s entire married life.  She ruined a child’s life.  And even worse, she still doesn’t understand the ramifications of her actions.  She still thinks Sania stole Ehtesham from her.  Basically, I don’t understand why this show is still going on when the logical conclusion is for Ehtesham to divorce Sehrish.  But now, in the promo for next week, we find out that Sehrish is (supposedly) expecting.  Now we can only assume we’ll see a whole lot of “shukk” from Sania’s end too.  I wonder if this show is going to drag and become tedious?  Let’s see. 

Bashar Momin – This show is only one episode in and I’m already a tiny bit exhausted of Maheen Rizvi’s overacting at every turn.  With the exception of Faisal Qureshi’s role, which is of a pretty hot-headed baddie, the rest of the cast isn’t too impressive.  I can’t complain about the story or the pace though – the first episode itself kept me on the edge of my seat, which is something most dramas can’t claim to do.  The show is very interesting and I’m looking forward to watching what Faisal Qureshi will do with this role and am looking forward to Sami Khan’s appearance.   This is off to a good start.

Meri Beti – Logically speaking, I have zero complaints from this drama.  It’s been fast-paced and on-track from beginning to present.  I’ve loved almost every moment (barring a few after-marriage episodes in the middle, focusing on Iraj and her crazy mother in law) of the show and the show delivered on a storyline that hasn’t really been seen before in a drama (that I know of).  Now everything is out in the open and what’s left to see is how all of this will end.  What I CAN say is that I’m so sick of the attitude Iraj is throwing around.  I understand that she’s hurt, but not letting her mother/grandmother even TOUCH her child is so obnoxious, I can’t even handle it!  It’s beautiful to see the relationship between Iraj and Rida though, as well as the relationship between Saba and Rida.  This week’s episode did leave me sobbing though with a very unexpected twist.

Ranjish Hee Sahi – Let’s be real.  I started watching this show for Samiya and Faisal.  Somehow, I’m now watching a show about two whiney young girls who can’t pull themselves together.  It seems like, after 5-6 episodes of this nonsense, this irritating storyline is finally wrapping up.  Does that mean I get to see Faisal Rehman again now?  Please?  It’s time for a re-entry.  This drama has completely deterred from its original, beautiful, controversial storyline.  I need it to get back on track.

Rukhsar – These families are all crazy.  Rukhsar’s mother is a nutcase.  What kind of woman insults her daughter-in-law so much and doesn’t realize she’s being evil?  Ammar’s mother is just plain evil, that’s fine.  But Rukhsar’s mother is no less.  Then we have Zaheer, who knows that Ammar uses any excuse to pair him and Rukhsar together – yet he insists on FEEDING Rukhsar a sandwich instead of just giving it to her.  Are you SERIOUS right now?  Then you have Faizi who, against his families wishes, goes to Ammar’s second wedding.  What?  What kind of self-respecting man does this garbage?  And then you have Zaheer’s mother, who decides It’s appropriate to send Zaheer’s rishta before Rukhsar’s iddat period is complete.  WOWZA.  Sarah, Mahrukh, Ammar, etc. are already just insane, but the insanity of these other characters makes this show a complete moron-fest.  The little bit of interest I had in this show is slowly going down the drain.  It HAS become really hard to hate Sarah though since the death of Sana Khan.  I just feel sad looking at her face….and Babar’s.  

Kahani Raima Aur Manahil Ki  - I’m slightly on the fence about this one, mostly because I can’t make out what genre this is supposed to fall under exactly.  It’s not completely drama nor is it completely comedy.  I do love that Vasay Chaudhry has a front-and-center role for once.  I also love that Ahmed Butt has a role in the show, even if it is very limited.  Sajjal Ali is an actress that seems hell bent on proving how talented she is early on and this show doesn’t demerit her at all.  She’s doing a great job with a more perky role.  Likewise with Shehroz Sabzwari.  Mehreen Raheel seems to be limiting herself to these “modern girl” roles and it’s a shame, because she’s so great in more “Desi” roles (Halki Si Khalish, Dastaan).  The cast is great, but time will tell how great the show is.  I assume the show will be heading down the comedic route with Vasay & Mehreen’s characters being forced to stay married.  Let’s see!

Bunty I Love You – There’s something fascinating about this drama; maybe it’s the karma of the situation – Patel marries young Mrs. Patel, more or less trapping her and she’s left desiring for something more “young.”  Flash forward to the present and we now see Mrs. Patel trapping Bunty into her life, while he resists committing to her in search for someone younger.  The story has come full circle and while Mrs. Patel believes she’s not wrong, she fails to see the wrong in her actions.  Now I’m not saying this drama is perfect.  It really isn’t.  There’s a lot wrong with it.  For one, I have no clue what Pakistan this drama takes place in.  It’s a Bollywood “7 Khoon Maaf” sort of world rather than being realistic.  A world where when one woman’s husband dies, suddenly everyone else’s husband is running after his widow.  Hmm.  Not exactly.  It’s a world where servants are seriously creepy, a world where eerie mansions are seen as “grand,” a world where people can get away with anything and everything and a world where everyone is involved in the business of another.  If you put all of these things aside, the show is pretty enjoyable.  What makes it enjoyable is Saba Qamar’s performance as Mrs. Patel.  She brings out her innocence, her love, her hate, her insecurity, her passion, her desires, her weakness…..all at once!  This may be Saba’s best role since Maat.

Mera Raqeeb – So at present, Yusuf has lost his mind with jealousy and is ready to beat his wife into submission.  That’s all fine and well for making Yusuf a terrible, narrow-minded person, but I’m having a hard time sympathizing with anyone but Rana at this point.  Yusuf and Saba are a train wreck:  Saba fell in love with Dr. Adil while alone and scared and both Saba and Dr. Adil aware of the secret relationship Yusuf and Rana had been carrying on.  Yusuf is now well aware of those feelings and has decided he’s going to “ruin” Dr. Adil and lock up his wife any time she disobeys him.  Abuse has even come into the picture.  Here’s where I lose my sympathy for Saba:  Your husband is now well.  He’s no longer seeing Rana.  Why on EARTH are you getting caught time and time again meeting with Dr. Adil?  Either ask for a divorce or make the marriage work!  Even a drama viewer has some limits and wants their characters to have a shred of decency.  This couple needs to put the past behind them.  Let’s face it.  They BOTH screwed up.  Now move on!  On the other end, Dr. Adil has decided he wants to marry Saba.  Fair enough.  Rana is reacting the logical way – she vows to stand by him and help him.  As she should, considering this whole mess happened since she was cheating on him.  This couple has my sympathy, since they are reacting like normal people.  However, Dr. Adil’s “daakhla” into Saba’s life is really irritating me, because he gets her into trouble with her husband over and over again.  Anyways, so yeah……at this point, the only person I feel any sympathy for is Rana, especially after the revelation that she can’t have children.  Everyone else is crazy.  This show is also doing my head in at this point.  Move faster and create more sensible scenarios.

Billo Babloo Aur Bhaiyya – Honestly speaking, this show has become my “watch while cooking” show.  It’s refreshing, light-hearted (despite having serious undertones) and the cast shares great chemistry, bouncing really funny lines off each other.  I’m enjoying it while not taking it too seriously. 

Zindagi Tere Bina – Yet another show that’s doing my head in.  How can one person and their family be SO BAD as to cause so much misery to so many people?  Safia is, by far, the worst person I’ve seen in any drama.  She’s terrible to everyone from her own son, husband, mother-in-law to even random strangers!  A terrible human being all around and clearly, her sister and nephew are no less.  The drama got interesting with Rania’s wedding, but of course, this is going to have a bad ending as well with Safia’s psychotic nephew in the picture.  Honestly, this show has only 12 aired episodes and I’m thoroughly sick of it.  Kudos to Nauman Ejaz for doing a great job with his role though.  It’s definitely something different for him.

Qudrat – I’m honestly having a hard time getting into this one, mostly because I may or may not be ignorant on the topic.  I have many Hindu friends and I’ve seen a number of Indian dramas where “Kundlis” and horoscopes are discussed, but to be honest, I’ve never encountered this belief in Pakistani society.  Does it exist?  If it does, I’m unaware of it.  So on that account, I have a hard time digesting the entire premise of this drama.  If I put that bias aside, it’s a very interesting drama that’s caught me off guard several times, especially with the supernatural angle (which was highly unexpected).  I’m actually still behind by a few episodes on this one, so I’ll do a more in-depth write up later this week on this!  But it’s interesting for sure.
Now we come to the two WORST shows I'm watching at present:

Meray Apnay – If I wanted to watch Bollywood’s “Baghban,” I would WATCH “Baghban.”  This is a very over-dramatized, unrealistic, uncomfortable, over-extended version of Baghban.  And no, I’m not enjoying this.  I don’t even know why I’m watching it.  Terrible.  I would also like to say that every character in this show, barring the parents, the servants, Nadeem’s one friend and Aila (and her husband) are the worst kinds of human beings possible.  Apparently every human being out there only cares about money.  There is so much wrong with this show.  If Baghban was a 2.5 hour long movie, it was because that was as long as that material could be stretched out.  Are we going to watch 25 episodes of this “zulm” now?  Seriously?  Nonsense.

Kabhi Kabhi – I really don’t care about this show anymore.  Why is it still going after 26 freaking episodes?  This show has gone to the wolves and is complete and utter CRAP.  This Sunny & Ishaal track has turned the show into the worst thing on television at present.  And those are big words.  Can this just END?

Also, since my last update, I've abandoned Pachtawa, Ishq Mein Tere and Main Deewani, all for having irritating lead characters and being highly flawed.  Terrible.

Alright, that's it for now!  Happy watching!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Moment of Silence

I know it happened over a week ago, but I did want to wait for updates on the health of Babar Khan before posting anything.

Let's just take a moment to say duaa and pray for Babar Khan's health, physical and emotional well-being.  He's going through a lot right now with his own health and the loss of his wife.  Let's also take a moment to say duaa for the deceased Sana Khan.  She is currently in two dramas that I'm watching (Rukhsar, Do Qadam Door Thay) and every time she appears on screen, it's hard to believe she's gone.  Babar and Sana are playing a husband and wife in Rukhsar and it's strange to see this couple still together and happy on a show while imagining what Babar's real life trauma must be like at the moment.

Life is unpredictable.  Love and appreciate those near and dear to you.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Revisiting The Attack of Ahsan Khan

Quantity does not equal quality.

This is something that's always said and time and time again, it's proven to be correct.  And it's correct in the case of Ahsan Khan's drama overload as well.

Months ago (in 2013), 4 Ahsan Khan dramas were running side-by-side and making it seem like an Ahsan Khan invasion had come over our TV screens.  My initial thought:  "Wow, Ahsan Khan is finally getting some good, diverse roles as a hero."

I had high expectations.  Clearly, they were not met.

Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai and Khoya Khoya Chand have long since ended and were epic failures of gigantuous proportions.

This last week, Meri Zindagi Hai Tu finally came to an end.  Colossal. Fail.  Can someone please explain to me how Nazo and Aman came to terms with Meenu's death and the way they think it happened?  No one can blame Aman for being angry with Nazo - she DID accuse Aman of something without thinking.  HOWEVER, are you seriously telling me that it NEVER came to light that Meeno was the cause of ALL their problems?  This was the worst ending I've seen in a drama in a long  Wait.  That was Mujhe Khuda Pe Yakeen Hai. was Khoya Khoya Chand.  What's happening here?

And now, out of these four (I'm not counting Qudrat, which is a new addition), Kabhi Kabhi is the only show still running and yet to end.  Which brings me to another question:  Why NOT?  What does this story have left to offer?  Anything?  No?  No thoughts?  No new ideas?  Where on EARTH has this stupid Sunny-Ishaal angle come in?  Why is Ishaal such an EPIC FAILURE of a mother?  Yet she still believes she has the right to raise her son when her husband beats him, treats him poorly, beats her and she's clearly on drugs or something.  We've jumped to 5 years later, yet Soni is still troublemaking, Amma is still blaming Ishaal for her life's problems and there is absolutely no sense to this show!

One has to think:  What does Ahsan Khan look for in a show before signing it?!

On days like these, I'm left wondering:  Why am I still watching this nonsense?  

And as always, happy watching!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Hi, I like Pakistani dramas.....I like Pakistani dramas. Oh, I like watching Pakistani dramas. I like watching Pakistani dramas a lot.

Let's take a moment to discuss the prize dramas currently on air that take each episode to bestow us with ingenious material:  REPETITION.  At times, it feels like I'm watching the same episode week after week.  I'm left wondering why these dramas consist of 24 episodes instead of the necessary 7.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Let's discuss!

First up:  Rukhsar.

Can someone explain to me what Seema Munaf was thinking when she wrote this gem?  I am not aware if this drama is based on any novel or not, but regardless - the writing is repetitive.  It feels like Seema took a page out of Ekta Kapoor's book when she came up with this concept.  Ammar has a girlfriend, yet Rukhsar continues to cry and threaten Ammar on a daily basis.  A whole month passes (and a huge chunk of episodes for the poor viewer) and we are left to watch Rukhsar do the same thing....over....and over....and over.

Coming to the last episode, we finally see Rukhsar leave the house.  Even then, she does not open her mouth about what actually happened.  Rather, Ammar then turns around and accuses Rukhsar of having a "chakkar" with her cousin - which strikes me as incredulous, because Rukhsar, knowing her husband had a problem with Imran Abbas' character, continued to hang out with him rather than avoid him.  Even after the accusation, Rukhsar is quiet.  Sara and Faizi are possibly two of the most inconsequential, trouble making, brainless characters to ever be written on the show.  The only character worthy of respect at this point is Mahrukh, because at least she has a mind of her own and is fighting for something!  REPETITIVE.

Next:  Aasmanon Pe Likha

Why?  This is the question I've been asking myself since probably episode 5 of this drama.  WHY?  Why do I watch the same episode week after week?  Aaliyan and Qudsia's repetitive conversations, Aaliyan and Natasha's repetitive conversations, Aaliyan and Daado's repetitive conversations, "Dad" and "Mom's" repetitive conversations, Saba Qamar a.k.a. "real mom"'s repetitive conversations with her brother.....why is any of this necessary to move the story forward?  If this drama has such a dire lack of story material, make it 10 episodes long and call it a day!  Rather, the episodes are now racking up in the 20s and we're still confused about Aaliyan's mother!  His mother aside, as a viewer, I am yet to see any spark or connection between Aaliyan and Qudsia - yet I'm supposed to believe ke "Aasmanon pe likha"?  Hmmm.

Third:  Mera Raqeeb

"Main bikhar gaya hoon magar nahin gila mujhko koi raqeeb se."

The OST sums up the point of the drama perfectly.  If only the writing would do the same.  The fault does not lie in the actors - each are doing their job perfectly.  The confusion, the angst, the internal issues - they're all being presented beautifully by Faisal Rehman, Sajjal Ali, Affan Waheed and Juggan Kazim.  The problem is that I'm watching the same emotions, the same angst, the same internal dilemmas each week.

Let's all agree that in the "real world," there would have been many explosions of anger, fights and wars of words by this point.  Instead, Saba and Dr. Adil have built up this affair in their minds rather than confronting their spouses about the actuality of what exactly happened.  On the other end, Yusuf and Rana are not only aware of the suspicions and insecurities of their spouses, they also continue to speak of each other and meet each other. There is not only any clarification and peace for Saba and Adil, the audience is also left wondering what on earth is happening and and left waiting for something NEW.  Instead, I've been watching the same silence, awkward gaze exchanges and internal anger for the last 3 + weeks.

So far, these are the top three I've chosen to rant about.  =)  I'll do a more detailed review on other dramas and will compile a new list of dramas I'm currently viewing soon!  Until then, as always, happy watching!