Sunday, December 13, 2015

Gul E Rana

I have, once again, been on an extended vacation due to the holiday season, so I fell behind on new shows. I just spend 5 hours straight catching up on 6 episodes of Gul E Rana.

What. A. Prize.

Since the end of Diyar E Dil, I have more or less lost interest in the majority of dramas on air due to lack of originality. But with this show, I'm impressed. The lead actors share great chemistry, which instantly takes the show to great heights. Despite having a simple, not so complicated storyline with the usual spat of meddling relatives, the treatment of this show is so refreshing!  The negative characters are such cartoons that you laugh rather than getting irritated. 

After a long time, we're presented with a good out-and-out love story onPakistani  television.  The story is simple yet there's a lot going on. Gul E Rana (Sajal Ali) and her mother & sister move in with her Taaya after her father dies - her father was estranged from his family, but his brother loved him and takes full responsibility for his family. Adeel (Feroze Khan), Taaya Jaan's son, helps run his father's business and is in-demand with the ladies, especially with the daughters of his two Phupos The story focuses on the relationship between Adeel and Gul E Rana.

The show has great supporting characters - one would expect the incessant meddling from the Phupos and cousins to grate on your nerves, but the show is so well-written and these characters are just hilarious, especially Zafri and even Gulab Khan.

After 6 episodes, I'm eagerly waiting to see where the story goes from here! If you aren't already watching, pick this one up! It comes highly recommended from my end.

Happy watching!