Saturday, July 29, 2017

Baaghi: Episode 1 Thoughts

Baaghi is a huge project, a drama that was so highly anticipated that there was controversy surrounding it the moment it was announced.  Why a drama based on Qandeel?  Why not one on Amjad Sabri or Edhi?  Why are we promoting such a terrible human being?  Why are we allowing our daughters and mothers (excuse me...?) to watch such shows, inspiring them into "beghairti"?  HOW TIRED am I of those comments!  Why Malala for the nobel peace price?  Why not Edhi?  Why Qandeel for a drama?  Why not Edhi?  Why Leonardo DiCaprio for the Oscar?  WHY NOT EDHI?  Jeez.....people.....stop.  Why would one make a drama on Edhi?  There would be no.....drama.

My stance on Qandeel has been stated time and time again - while I didn't agree with her actions, I truly believe that she had every right to live her life the way she wanted to.  If she had a bad marriage, a bad time growing up and a bad past that caused her to rebel, that was her path and her life to live.  She had a right to live how she saw fit.  And THAT is the point of representing Qandeel Baloch correctly - she does stand for something.  She stands for the fact that women in Pakistan do not have control or a right over their own lives.  They become someone else's "honor," a symbol of "hayaa" and decency and are taught to behave in a way that will not bring shame to their families.  A girl has to be pious and of a "clean image" in order to be considered good. Why?  Why are men allowed to do whatever they want and women are made to be judged?  That's the problem with our society and that's what Qandeel Baloch stands for.  Call it feminism or just call it simple, plain old human rights, that's your choice.

Coming back to the drama, some of the most talented names of the industry are associated with this drama.  From Saba Qamar playing the lead role to Ali Kazmi, Sarmad Khoosat, Osmaan Khalid Butt, Khalid Malik all playing vital characters and being written by Umera Ahmed, this is a powerhouse ensemble that carries huge expectations with it.

Episode 1 started off with a bang. We got to see Fozia (Saba Qamar) living her life in a village with her family.  A free spirit, she lives her life with spunk and does not shy away from confronting those who trouble her or her loved ones.  With big dreams of living life on her terms, we already see how her small village upbringing will curb those dreams and her attitude.

The first episode was refreshing and entertaining to watch.  The casting of Sarmad Khoosat as Fozia's brother is brilliant casting, as is Ali Kazmi's casting as Fozia's future husband.  Saba Qamar is a natural in her role as Fozia - initially, I doubted how well she'd be able to pull off this role, but she really seems to have gotten into the skin of her character and I'm excited to see how she will progress.

Baaghi is off to a great start and I'm really excited to see how the story plays out - and how true to Qandeel's life it will actually be (though I'm aware that it's a tribute to Qandeel AND other girls like her, so I'm not expecting it to be exact).  Let's see!  Happy watching!


  1. Hi girl!! Just found your blog ^^ I'm new with pakistan dramas but in love with this new discover <3 I just finished a indian novel IPKKND and I would like to ask you to recommend some pakistan serie like that. With a hate turn love relationship something like this. Or just a show that you like so much to recommend me. Pleaseeee ps: loving your blog :D

    1. Try Dillagi! It's such a beautiful show, in my opinion. 😁

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